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Top Tips On How to Keep Pets Safe This Halloween

Halloween is the most popular holiday, it has become second only to Christmas in America.

While it is highly appreciated to see kids enjoying Halloween costumes parties, it may be frightful and pose certain threats to our pets. Purr teeth has some tips on how to keep your cat safe on Halloween.

1 - Before sharing Pumpkins with your pets, beware of this:

Pumpkins is common food every time Halloween is here. Pumpkin is not toxic to cats. But if you’re feeding cats pumkins, then your first priority should be freshness. However, high amount of pumpkin can result in some digestive issues. Never feed your cat too much, and always be sure that your cay has clean, fresh water on hand.


2- Keep this away from your pets:

Cats can’t eat chocolate. Be sure to keep all Halloween candy away from your pets! Than can cause gastrointestinal blockages. To avoid all this issues and enjoy your Halloween, keep all chocolate treats out of their reach.


3 – Cats love safe and secure space:

Keep your cat happy during Halloween. Cats are at a big risk on Halloween nights with new scary noises and receiving multiple visitors to the door. It would be safer for your pet to be kept in a room far from the action.


4- Keep your cat away from decoration:

Don’t let your cat get into decorations that could be harmful. Some decorations could be very dangerous if your cat swallows them. Always make sure that all your decorations are not life threatening.


 When you know that  your cat is safe and happy inside. That is  the best treat you can give yourself and your feline this Halloween season.

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